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Loving Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

With attentive professional dog walking services from Paws and Claws Superb Pet Care, your dog has a guaranteed 20-minute walk outside every day or multiple times a day. Exercise is vital for all furry babies but even more important is the love and snuggle time we are famous for. 

This is what we provide while you are at work, away, or out for the day/evening.  Additionally, at each visit, you will receive a text with a brief summary of how your pet’s visit was, along with a photograph. The peace of mind we provide is invaluable.

In Your Home Dog Sitting / Vacation Care

Get the best care for your beloved pets while you’re away for the day, the weekend, or a much-needed vacation. We offer flexible house-based dog-sitting services. We tailor our schedule to the needs of your baby – usually 3-4 times per day for dogs.  We are available 365 days a year including all major holidays.

Your dog will love our customized care. We love your dogs as our own and tailor their care to your exact specifications. When you cannot be there for your dog – Paws and Claws is the next best thing.

Cat Sitting / Vacation Care

Love. Play. Repeat. Are you going away on a trip and can’t take your purry friend with you? Don’t want to leave your purry friend all alone during the day? Do you want your purry friend to have some playtime while you are at work?

If you’re interested in your cat’s well-being and your own peace of mind while you’re away from home, in-home cat-sitting is the way to go. Cats are homebodies, so we keep them comfortable in their own space. Paws and Claws Superb Pet Care will be your cat’s very best friend!

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